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Missions of Mutuality

Join us as we explore a new way of missions - one that is rooted in humble partnerships and kindred exchanges. 

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Christians agree that “in the past, mission work has been unethical.”

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Christians agree that “Christian mission is tainted by its association with colonialism.”

Good Intentions Are Not Enough.

For too long, Western missions models have glorified the ways of 19th century evangelism, ignoring how technology and globalization have connected Christians across the globe in meaningful ways.

The North American church is experiencing a steep decline in the number of missionaries it is sending throughout the world, and younger generations are asking critical questions about the best ways to share mutual responsibility as God’s people in every nation seek to reach the world. 

So often, even with good intentions to serve, our mission efforts can have ripple effects that cause more harm than good. We are people that love missions enough to want to see it done differently. 

* Statistics from Barna' Group's The Future of Missions research report


So what does this mean for our calling to fulfill the Great Commission?


Old Missions


The Global North serving the Global South.

Missions of Mutuality


The Global Church serving together.

If God is the author of mission, and we are commissioned to share the Gospel, we are joining God in what He set in motion long before we ever breathed our first breath. 

Technology and transportation allow us to connect across cultures in ways we’ve never seen in human history. At the same time, the Global Church has the opportunity to pool our social, financial, and spiritual resources to reach the ends of the Earth with mutual responsibility and mutual value.

Kindred Exchange invites the Church in North America to reconsider its role in Global Missions, partnering as co-laborers in the harvest fields cultivated by God’s active pursuit towards mankind.

A New Way of Doing Missions

Kindred Exchange exists to be an avenue to explore the reformation and redemption of the North American missions system. We do this by fostering conversations and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges that empower the global Church to serve together. 

Kindred Exchange Podcast Network

Dive into a variety of missional topics through the lens of ethical impact.


On the Upwardly Dependent podcast, Lauren explores challenging conversations on topics in modern Christianity. If you’ve been wrestling with how to hold onto faith after seeing religion be twisted in a way that has somehow become bad news instead of good, this podcast is for you.


On the Missio Pop podcast, Aaron & Matt talk about all things in the world of missions, missiology, and God’s hope for the world. If you've been wanting to geek out and dive deeper into theology, missiology, and contextualization, then this podcast is for you.


Join the Kindred Collective

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