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Helping you approach global missions humbly, ethically, and authentically.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough.

So often, even with good intentions to serve, we place ourselves at the center of our mission efforts. When these activities are not informed by the local culture with national voices at the helm, we miss an opportunity to sustain any true transformation in a community. At Kindred Exchange, we are on mission to equip our community with tools for ethical impact.

Why Combine Business & Missions?

The majority of the world’s human exploitation stems from greed and economic disempowerment. Good businesses can provide immediate solutions to financial stress that often leads to poor healthcare, education, and unfortunate abuse. At Kindred Exchange, we believe business can also be a catalyst for authentic relationships, humble connections, and ethical partnerships abroad.


Uganda Cohort

Get to know the entrepreneurs that make up our Uganda cohort and learn how you can get involved and support their business ventures.

Kindred Exchange Podcast Network

Dive into a variety of missional topics through the lens of ethical impact.


Partner With Us

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Download a Free Guide

We have a created a couple free guides for you to download as you begin to dive into conversations around missions. Click the buttons below to join our email list and get access today!

Guide to Understanding Culture & How It Works


Guide to Ethical Storytelling

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