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Kindred Cohorts

Connecting & Equipping Christians Around the World for Missional Impact.

Explore new ways of approaching missions through our podcasts, blog posts, and free resour
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Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.

1 Thessalonians 2:8

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The Purpose of Cohorts

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The landscape of global missions is evolving. In a world where the Gospel is thriving in the Global South while the influence of the Western church diminishes, a new paradigm emerges: missions as mutuality. This paradigm emphasizes equality and collaboration, where Christians from diverse backgrounds and cultures unite their unique gifts in order to serve and share the Gospel more effectively.

What that means is that we are no longer in a space of the strong coming from on high to help the weak, but that we come together in equal standing as brothers and sisters in Christ, sharing and reciprocating the gifts we’ve all been given.

Our 12 Month Model

Our Cohorts Program is designed to facilitate connections among Christians around the world who share similar vocational callings, empowering them to learn from, teach, and encourage one another within their respective fields. This amplifies their capacity to share the Good News within their communities.

We believe healthy partnership starts in the context of relationship and we have built a model for facilitating intentional cross-cultural connections that lead to mutual growth and impact.

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Cross-Cultural Training

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Monthly Video Calls

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Facilitated Discussions

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One-On-One Matching

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Two-Way Trips

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Missional Vocation Tools

Our Process

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Month 1

Match Companions & Initial Cohort Kick-Off Call

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Months 2-5

Cross-Cultural Training & Conversation Facilitation

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Month 6

U.S. Members Travel to Uganda

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Months 7-11

Cultural Debriefing & Conversation Facilitation

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Month 12

Uganda Members Travel to U.S.

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Construction Cohort

Dwell Uganda & Schuber Mitchell Homes

We are so excited to have employees from Schuber Mitchell, a faith-based construction company in Joplin, Missouri, partnering with employees from Dwell Uganda, a home renovation project based in Jinja, Uganda, for this transformative experience. In total, we will facilitate connections for 3 employees from each company who are eager to build meaningful cross-cultural relationships. Together, they will embark on a 12-month journey of mutual growth through cross-cultural learning and vocational exchanges.

Where We Program

Our Cohorts program is currently based in the U.S. and Jinja, Uganda, a vibrant town nestled along the banks of the Nile River, known as the "Source of the Nile." Our programming in Jinja began organically through personal connections. With deep ties to the community through Tom Ngobi, Jinja became the natural starting point for this program.

This location is also intentional due the town's complex history, shaped by decades of NGO presence and the legacy of colonialism. As we aim to navigate this nuanced terrain, our goal is to help foster healthy partnerships and create opportunities for mutual service, growth, and encouragement between Ugandans and Americans.

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