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Kindred Companions

Facilitating cross-cultural exchanges for the Global church through vocational small groups and 1:1 companionship. 

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What is Kindred Companions?

Kindred Companions is a program designed to connect you with the entrepreneurs in our global cohort in a meaningful and relational way.

As a Kindred Companion, you play a vital role in supporting and uplifting the vision of entrepreneurs in our Cohort program as they work to launch their business start-ups.

By joining this program, you have the opportunity to build lasting cross-cultural relationships, engage in monthly brainstorming calls, and provide valuable support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Commitment

As a Kindred Companion, here's the commitment we will ask you to make over the course of a year:


Monthly 1 hour brainstorming Zoom calls with your entrepreneur


Occasional training/debrief Zoom calls with the Kindred Exchange team and other Kindred Companions


Regular communication with your entrepreneur via WhatsApp

Who is this for?

As a Companion, we ask that you fully invest in your entrepreneur and commit to walking alongside them as a friend throughout the coaching process.

Because of this, we do not require Companions to have a background in business. We do, however, ask that Companions possess the following:

+ A willingness to learn alongside your entrepreneur throughout the 12 months
+ A desire to build an authentic friendship with your entrepreneur 
+ An excitement to learn about their culture
+ A willingness to ask questions, make connections, and advocate on behalf of your entrepreneur 


Interested in becoming a companion?

We do not need any more Companions at this time. Please sign up for our waitlist below to be notified when we launch our next cohort.


Wondering what the process looks like for becoming a Companion? We will walk you through everything you need to know before meeting your entrepreneur.


Fill out an application


Schedule an interview with us


Get matched with your entrepreneur


Onboarding training call


Connect with your entrepreneur

Get on the Waitlist

We do not need any more Companions at this time. Please sign up for our waitlist below to be notified when we launch our next cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will investing in courses help me make more of an impact?
    Over the years, there have been many critiques about the unethical and unsustainable effects of missions in developing countries. We believe reimagining our impact starts with learning, and unlearning, our old ways of thinking and developing new missional frameworks. Our courses are designed to challenge you, guide you, and help you do the hard work necessary for ethical impact!
  • What is the time commitment?
    Our courses are self-guided, meaning you can take them at your own best pace.
  • Are there payment plans available?
    Not for courses. Each course must be paid for upfront to gain access to the materials and resources included. We do offer payment plans for 1:1 Impact Business Coaching. To learn more, click here.
  • Will I have lifetime access to the course I purchase?
    Yes! You will have lifetime access to any course you purchase.
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