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Kindred Courses

Self-guided courses to empower you to make ethical and sustainable impact


Transformation starts with us!

Over the years, we've seen and heard the many critiques of traditional missions models. We know that our missional engagement has sometimes done more harm than good. We want to hold the critiques of evangelical missions seriously in one hand while holding onto the Great Commission with the other.


Invest In Your Impact

We design our courses to be a resource for ⁠you as you seek to pursue healthy cross-cultural engagement. Our courses are designed to challenge you, guide you, and help you do the hard work necessary for ethical impact!

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"I needed voices and experience of people I trust to help me navigate turning my vision into a thoughtful, ethical work. Kindred Exchange came alongside me with tools, knowledge, and empowerment, creating the momentum needed to establish my nonprofit that is now active in Uganda." 

- Lori Manry, Founder of Dwell Uganda