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Partner With Us Through Giving

Our work is made possible through your generosity and partnership.

More Ways to Partner

Join our Monthly Giving Community

If you've found yourself wrestling with the critiques of missions, unsure of how or if you even should continue to move forward in this space, you're not alone.

At Kindred Exchange, we want to challenge the status quo in hope of redefining the narrative of global missions. We invite you to be part of a movement that doesn't just acknowledge the flaws but actively seeks to reform and redeem the North American missions system.

Your monthly support isn't just a donation; it's a commitment to a mission that aligns with your values. It fuels our growth, allowing us to create content that addresses the very questions you've been wrestling with. Join the Kindred Collective today!

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Become a Corporate Partner

Our corporate sponsors and ministry partners empower and sustain our programming year-round.  We believe in the power of collaboration and meaningful partnerships to drive positive change.

Whether you are a start-up business, a well-established corporation, a ministry/church, or a fellow nonprofit organization - we would love to explore what it could look like to link arms and work together.

Interested in partnering with us? We cannot wait to meet you. Click the button below to connect.

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