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Meet Sam

Sam is looking to start a chicken egg hatchery community poultry farm called Raise A Chic Africa (RACA).

Sam is excited to start his chicken egg hatchery business located in an ideal farm facility in the outskirts of Jinja. His idea is to sell chicks in small batches to individuals that are interested in starting their own hatchery business. By providing these individuals with the training and resources they need to raise healthy chickens, Sam will empower his customers through entrepreneurship.

Sam is excited to leverage the vast opportunities available in the poultry industry in Uganda, to play a part in growing the Ugandan economy through national food production.

Click the button below to hear Sam explain his business idea.


Your Support Provides...


1:1 companionship & support


Monthly business group trainings

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Business resources and materials

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Laptops & internet access

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Potential access to start-up funding


Champion The Cohort

Thank you for seeing international missions with fresh eyes, lifting our national brothers and sisters to reach their capacity as leaders in their own communities!


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