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Facilitating cross-cultural exchanges for the Global church through vocational small groups and 1:1 companionship.  

About Our Cohorts

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Around the globe, there are thousands of underestimated and under-resourced leaders capable of leading movements to create sustainable change and Kingdom impact in vulnerable communities. Our goal is to partner with these leaders to provide the knowledge, resources, and social capital they need to get started. 

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About Jinja, Uganda

Nestled along the banks of the Nile River, Jinja is home to the individuals in our Uganda Cohort. Known as the "Source of the Nile," this beautiful town pulsates with a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our team's connections to Tom Ngobi made Jinja the natural first location to launch a Kindred Exchange cohort. With Tom's help, we were able to bring together 10 mission-minded entrepreneurs seeking to launch impactful businesses in their community.

Our 3 Year Cohort Model

Our three-year model provides a comprehensive foundation for our cohort. In year one, the cohort walked through a curated curriculum that covered essential aspects of business as mission, money management, market research, pitching, and more. Through this curriculum, they gained the knowledge and skills necessary to launch and manage their missional businesses successfully.

We are currently in year two and have been so excited and encouraged by the progress the cohort has taken to launch their businesses.

Throughout the 3 year program, the cohort is building their social capital within the cohort itself and through their Companion relationships, fostering a network of individuals dedicated to mutual growth and support.



In the first year, our cohorts focus on the foundational business concepts they will need to know to launch their businesses. 



In year 2, the cohort begins applying what they've learned through market research, crowd-funding, and launching their MVP.


Give Back

During year 3, the cohort shifts their focus to sharing the business knowledge they've learned by teaching community workshops and mentoring the next cohort.

Meet the Cohort



Sam is the founder of a chicken egg hatchery and community poultry farm called Raise A Chic Africa (RACA). His mission is to provide high-quality poultry for his community and to empower and educate others on sustainable agriculture.



Irene, a passionate kindergarten teacher of 15+ years, is looking to start a kindergarten school in her community. Irene’s vision for her school is to offer quality kindergarten education but at an affordable price.



As a mechanical engineer, Hezron is looking to start a motor vehicle service and repair workshop for his community. His mission is to provide safe & dignified employment opportunities for street kids.



Working currently as a secondary teacher, Paul is looking to start his own school that provides quality education, skills, and spiritual growth. Paul is passionate about setting children up for educational and spiritual success.


Esther & Lydia

Esther and Lydia are 2 friends partnering to open Jinja's first food truck restaurant together. They hope to provide job opportunities for young people and delicious, affordable food for their community. 



George, a professional in agriculture, is excited to scale his piggery business. Living in a rural village outside Jinja, George has the unique opportunity to grow his own business and teach others in his village how to sustain their operations as well.



Irene is opening a daycare center in Jinja. As a mother to many children, Irene is passionate about providing safe, loving environments for children to stay while their mothers work.

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Tom is a natural entrepreneur looking to launch his business, Spotless Laundry Services, to provide safe work for women and to solve a big problem in his community.



Out of her passion for books and people, Phionah is hoping to launch a stationary and bookshop business in Jinja. Phionah's desire is to change the culture in her village by putting books in the hands of young kids and parents. 

Kindred Companions

The Companions program is designed to facilitate meaningful and mutual cross-cultural exchanges for the people in our community and our the individuals in our cohorts. Each member of the cohort is paired 1:1 with someone that wants to support, advocate, and walk alongside them, utilizing technology to engage in an intentional cross-cultural relationship.

This program is an integral part of our commitment to reshaping global missions through the lens of mutuality and social capital. It's more than mentorship; it's a commitment to mutual growth.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

Join us in supporting and uplifting Christian leaders seeking to impact their own communities around the world!

When you join the Kindred Collective, you make it possible for us to facilitate trainings, provide resources, mentorship, and connections for the Uganda cohort. This support empowers them to launch missional businesses that not only generate sustainable jobs within their community but also usher in a Kingdom impact to the marketplace.

By choosing to become a Partner ($25/mo.), Champion ($50/mo.), or Ambassador ($100+/mo.), you are giving one of the most impactful gifts: the gift of knowledge!

Join The Collective today - sign up for our monthly giving program below.

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