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Uganda Cohort

Get to know the entrepreneurs we are working with in Uganda and learn how you can support their businesses.

Local Solutions From Local Leaders

Around the globe, there are thousands of underestimated and under-resourced leaders capable to leading movements to create sustainable change in vulnerable communities through business. Our goal is to equip entrepreneurs with the skills, education, connections, and resources they need to launch their businesses and start creating an impact in their community.


A better way to create Impact.

By investing in national entrepreneurs, we can witness the Kingdom grow through faith-based employment and dignified job creation.

Introducing the Uganda Cohort

This year, we are working with a cohort of Ugandan entrepreneurs looking to start businesses that will impact their communities. View the profiles below to learn more about the brilliant entrepreneurs that make up the cohort. 


Meet Sam

Sam is looking to start a chicken egg hatchery community poultry farm called Raise A Chic Africa (RACA).


Meet Irene

Irene, a passionate kindergarten teacher of 15+ years, is looking to start a kindergarten school around the areas of Njeru or Nile.


Meet Hezron

As a mechanical engineer, Hezron is looking to start a motor vehicle service and repair workshop for his community.


Meet Paul

Working currently as a secondary teacher, Paul is looking to start his own school that provides quality education, skills, and spiritual growth.


Meet Esther

With experience working at a bakery, Esther has dreams of starting a restaurant that provides job opportunities for young people in her community.


Meet George

George, a professional in agriculture, is excited to start an agribusiness with a focus in piggery.


Meet Irene

Irene is looking to provide proper housing for her community through apartment rentals with an attached daycare center.


Meet Tom

Tom is looking to launch his business, Spotless Laundry Services, to provide safe work for women and to solve a big problem in his community.


Meet Phionah

Out of her passion for books and people, Phionah is looking to start a stationary and bookshop business in Jinja.


Meet Lydia

With experience working at a local deli, Lydia is looking to start a restaurant that provides job opportunities for young people in her community.


Meet Joseph

Jospeh currently manages multiple schools with hundreds of students. He is looking to expanding his impact by adding new programs and sharpening his business skills.

The Impact

Around the world, business leaders are revered as trusted people of impact in their communities, making good business a catalyst for sustainable change.


Our resources are designed to mobilize safe working environments in contexts where people are often driven toward exploitative labor.


Our social support is designed to work through trusted bridges in communities throughout the Global South.


Our theology upholds Biblical principles of wealth, utilizing commerce to create better outcomes for the disenfranchised.

Your Support Provides These Entrepreneurs With...


1:1 companionship & support


Monthly group business trainings

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Business resources and materials

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Laptops & internet access

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Potential access to start-up funding

Support The Cohort

These business cohorts are made possible through the generosity of our donors. Sign up to support the Uganda Cohort today.


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