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Join us as we explore a new way of missions - one that is rooted in humble partnerships and kindred exchanges.

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The Harmful Effects of our Good Intentions

So often, even with good intentions to serve, our mission efforts can have ripple effects that cause more harm than good.

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According to the Changing Markets Foundation, as much as one third of clothing sent from the wealthy west to developing countries every year may be ending up in a landfill. Kenya alone receives 900 million pieces of used clothing each year, many of which are unusuable (like skiing outfits) and end up being burned, exposing local residents to toxic fumes.

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A New Way of Missions

At Kindred Exchange, we are eager to explore the blind spots of the North American missions system as it seeks to impact global communities. We also hold a conviction that the Global Church has so much to teach our communities of faith here at home.

Defining "Kindred Exchanges"

Recognizing harm that has been done through recent mission efforts does not mean that we, as those who may have participated in harmful practices, disappear completely from the missions space. Our presence in foreign contexts can be just as fruitful as it can fail. With a new posture, one of mutuality, we can discover a new way of missions that invites a Global Church to serve together.

Our Programs

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Learn: Conversations

Explore new ways of approaching missions through our podcasts, blog posts, and free resources available for download. 

Meaningful impact will only come when we humbly examine the critiques of missions through academic research and honest feedback from our global neighbors.

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Experience: Cohorts

Step beyond theory into action. Our cohorts offer a hands-on experience, providing a new model of missions through the lens of mutuality.

We focus on bridging social gaps by providing opportunities for Christians around the world to connect vocationally through technology, fostering authentic relationships and support.

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The Impact of Your Partnership

There's a few ways you can partner with us in 2024. Currently, 40% of our annual budget is being sustained through our monthly recurring donors and 20% is funded through grants and foundation partnerships. That leaves us with $60,000 left to fundraise for our 2024 programming.

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Sustained Through Monthly Donors

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Partner with us to pioneer a new way of doing missions.

Thank you for joining us for our first Partnership Dinner. We hope this night has been hopeful and encouraging to be a part of. We are so grateful for your generosity and we look forward to all God will do through your partnership in 2024. 

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