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Exploring missional topics through the lens of ethical impact


The Upwardly Dependent Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Lauren Pinkston

Join Lauren as she centers in on the modern missions movement and asks the Body of Christ to be intellectually honest about our history of using missions to colonize other nations while examining the ways we continue to abuse relationships within the church for the sake of evangelism.

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Missio Pop Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Aaron Wheeler & Dr. Matt Cook

Missio Pop is a podcast of two overeducated white dudes talking about all things in the world of missions, missiology, and God’s hope for the world. Dr. Aaron Wheeler and Dr. Matt Cook will look at what God is doing both around the globe and in our own backyard. This first season will focus on the missionary task of contextualization - the way in which culture shapes and forms the way in which we share God’s truth.

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Ethical Narratives Mini-Series Podcast

Hosted by Christy Kern & Dr. Lauren Pinkston

Ethical Narratives is a mini-series podcast that is focused on ethical storytelling within the context of global missions and voluntourism. Hosted by the Kindred Exchange Podcast Network, this journalistic-style podcast features Christy Kern and Dr. Lauren Pinkston as hosts, alongside a variety of other important voices who will help inform this conversation. Listeners are taken on an immersive journey to explore new and better ways of sharing cross-cultural experiences that promote dignity, bring down stereotypes, and honor cultures.

Coming this Fall

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