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Caring for Vulnerable Families Demands a Church-Wide Response

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live in close proximity to the world's hurt. The Christian model of restoration and redemption is not solving and addressing issues from a distance.

The Gospel is a story of redemption, but it also includes nails and thorns. The journey of caring for vulnerable families is no exception. Whether that's through adoption, foster care, or even through getting intimately involved with a struggling family, when we follow Jesus near to the world's broken places, we will share in that beauty and suffering.

We need to have rhythms and patterns within our life so that, even as we're pouring out every single day, we are receiving life from our Father. For me, that includes daily time with the Lord and the regular practice of Sabbath. These rhythms are not meant to be legalistic, but life-giving, especially in broken places.

Walking this path of caring for vulnerable families is not meant to be a solitary journey. It is a ministry that demands a community of fellow believers to join hands. If you or someone you know is in the process of adopting, fostering, or supporting vulnerable families in any way, here's a few ways the Church can respond:

  1. Share The Burden: We cannot do this alone. We need community to encourage us and to share in those difficult seasons. Who can you invite into this journey to walk alongside you?

  2. Intercede in Prayer: There is a unique comfort in knowing that others are seeking divine guidance and intervention on our behalf. Prayer also invites communities to enter into that journey and share in the hurt. Who can you ask to partner with you in prayer?

  3. Practical Assistance: Beyond emotional and spiritual support, community can also provide practical help. Whether it's offering childcare, making meals, or running errands, the church should function as an extended family that's eager to step in and offer support. What can you ask someone to do for you today?

Caring for vulnerable families is a shared responsibility that demands a church-wide response. By recognizing the significance of community and life-giving rhythms, and by appreciating the unity and diversity within the Church, we can collectively answer the call to follow Jesus into the world's hurt.


This excerpt was edited for clarity. Listen to the rest of the episode here and follow the Upwardly Dependent podcast on Spotify.

Guest: Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans

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